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Our team of professionals offers extensive experience in portfolio management, asset allocation, market analysis, and risk management. With a focus on currency and global macro strategies, we manage assets for institutional and qualified individual investors, worldwide.


Distinctive Perspectives

P/E Investments seeks to offer diversification to traditional investment portfolios through liquid, customizable solutions.

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P/E Investments helps investors address a variety of portfolio needs, such as uncompensated currency risk, uncorrelated alpha, and protection from equity market decline.

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P/E Investments offers fund and managed account options to address sophisticated, institutional investment needs.

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At P/E Investments we believe that effective diversification, thorough analysis, and consistent risk management can lead to superior investment performance.

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Committed Professionals

From offices in the U.S., Australia, Singapore, Japan, and the U.K, P/E Investments serves qualified individual and institutional investors worldwide.

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For the last 20 years, P/E has been like family to me. When we work together, the impossible becomes possible.

Yoseni Cabrera

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Innovative Approaches

The most effective investment approaches look at both the forest and the trees. At P/E, we employ quantitative expertise to uncover current market drivers, as well as evolving implications for diversified portfolios.

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