Solutions for institutional investors

P/E Investments seeks to offer diversification to traditional investment portfolios through liquid, customizable solutions.


Customized strategies to meet your needs

P/E helps investors address a variety of portfolio needs, such as uncompensated currency risk, uncorrelated alpha, and protection from equity market decline.

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Funds and managed accounts for qualified eligible investors

P/E Investments offers a variety of investment options to address differentiated institutional investor requirements.

Managed accounts

We work directly with institutional investors to create tailored solutions for specific portfolio needs.

Private funds

We provide a suite of fund vehicles for qualified eligible investors in select markets.

Mutual funds

The P/E Enhanced International Fund is a publicly offered ‘40 Act vehicle for U.S. investors.


A strong foundation

At P/E Investments we believe that effective diversification, thorough analysis, and consistent risk management can lead to superior investment performance.