We stand on a common foundation

At P/E Investments, we are committed earning the the trust and respect of our investors. We strive to create differentiated, long term value through thought leadership, and teamwork.


Explore, Synthesize, Persist

The markets are ever evolving. We embrace the challenge. We work together to engage, bring forth ideas, refine, implement – rinse and repeat.

Person of integrity

  • Reliable

  • Accountable

  • Trust worthy


  • Steps up to grow the business

  • Advances personal and institutional knowledge

  • Contributes in ways critical to the future of the business

  • Seen as a role model by peers

Team Player

  • Puts investors first

  • Respects and is respected by co-workers

  • Works constructively with service providers


  • Has served strongly and consistently over time

  • Goes the extra mile

  • Resolves problems

  • Invests time, talent, and treasure

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