Sarah Lyons

Investment Solutions & ESG Committee, Boston

“Diverse voices spur creative thought and innovation.”
Tell us about your background and your current role at P/E?

After college, I worked in relationship management and business development for a sports organization in Boston.  I joined P/E in February of 2017, as a member of P/E’s Investment Solutions team.  Initially, I worked in partnership with senior members of the team, learning about the industry, about what investors look for, and about the types of solutions that P/E can provide. Currently, I work with investors in the endowment and foundation space.  In addition, I serve as Chair of our ESG Committee.

How would you describe the culture at P/E Investments?

P/E Investments has strong core values.  People are committed, demonstrating personal integrity in daily tasks.  We work as a team, and each of us steps up in big and small ways.  Our flat organization creates expectations for everyone at the firm to really rise up, to challenge themselves to find and to fill needs.  P/E is a unique, and inspiring place to be.  I value our strong sense of commitment to each other, and to our investors.

Can you tell us about ESG at P/E?

Our ESG Committee is a wonderful team, with members from different areas of the P/E organization, several of whom are senior members at the firm. We meet regularly throughout the year to discuss the firm’s ESG and DEI policies, and to see where we can grow as this is an ever-evolving space. I really appreciate that our group has such varied perspectives, because we can discuss key issues from many different viewpoints.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion is particularly important to P/E.  Women make up 50% of our Management Committee and 57% of our Advisory Board. Being a majority minority, and majority women-owned firm, we see the value in supporting DEI efforts in the workplace and promoting opportunities for inclusion. Diverse voices spur creative thought and innovation.

What are the ESG committee’s current initiatives?

In order to help grow opportunities, we have partnered with INROADS, a non-profit organization that creates pathways to careers for ethnically diverse high school and college students across the country. We have hired interns and full-time employees who have participated in INROADS programs. We also have community involvement with other organizations, such as 100 Women in Finance and Year Up.

The ESG Committee has helped to formalize many ongoing climate initiatives. Our Risk Management team performs annual stress tests to evaluate how our investment models would be impacted by a particular climate event. In addition, the firm has made efforts to improve its carbon footprint by reducing waste by recycling and composting in the office. We also look to offset the carbon footprint from corporate travel.

P/E also supports charitable organizations in our local communities.  For example, as part of our P/E Gives Back program, Boston staff recently spent three days volunteering at Cradles to Crayons.

It has been an exciting time to be a member of the ESG Committee at P/E Investments. We are constantly looking to see what organizations we can work with to glean best practices from industry experts, and to bolster our ESG and DEI policies.

What do you like to do for fun?

I do love spending time with my family.  I have two little ones; so, I try to spend every spare moment doing activities with them.  I love to be outside, exercising, hiking, playing by the ocean, or being on a boat.  Anything outdoors makes me happy.