Warren Naphtal
Mr. Naphtal has extensive experience in portfolio management and securities trading. He is the co-founder of P/E Investments, and serves as President and Chief Investment Officer.
Mary Stephens Naphtal
Ms. Naphtal contributes expertise in the areas of strategic analysis, operations, and macroeconomic research. Ms. Naphtal co-founded P/E Investments in 1995, and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer.
David J. Souza Jr., CFA
Mr. Souza joined P/E Investments in September 2000.
He focuses on the development of quantitative models, serves as portfolio manager, and leads daily trading activities.
J. Richard Zecher, Ph.D
Dr. Zecher established a strong record of success in the fields of asset management and economics prior to serving as a Co-Founder of the firm. He served as Chairman of the firm's Advisory Board until May 2021.
Henry P. Biner
Mr. Biner leads marketing efforts for P/E Investments, working with partners in Asia, Europe, and Australia. He joined the firm in 2004, bringing understanding of both institutional and retail client needs.
Edward T. Bullister, Ph.D.
Dr. Bullister leads research efforts for P/E Investments, bringing extensive quantitative expertise in the areas of optimization, dynamics and applied mathematics. He has developed applications for the financial, aerospace, and medical industries.